Virtual Villagers 4 App Reviews

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really well done

Great detail. Fun to grow a village through generations.

Its finally here!

Yaaaay! Thank you. Loves it.

So much fun!

I have been waiting and so glad it is finally here for iPod touch! Yeah, I noticed the debug mode but it is still so much fun to play! Thanks! Cant wait for VV5!

Been waiting for so long for this game

I checked every day for this game for months now and I was so excited to find it yesterday. And its all bugged I not even at 7 hours yet and I have so many tech points I have bought everything already and my villagers can build stuff in minutes and usually I have to push my people to keep on mating I tried once and now I got 18 people. This is ruining the game for me its already just about completed and I just got it and by the way thats on slow speed I paused it when sleep was afraid I would have everything done fix please.


Haha, it is a great game, but I found a glitch to get infinity tech points and food! (Im being honest, and even If u dont think so, you mine as well give it a try. :p ) Okay, so how the glitch works... In the bottom right corner, where it says "details". There is an arrow to the right of it. Keep clicking that arrow and watch your food and tech points increase rapidly. The odd time it may also increase population. This is a great game, but too easy with the glitch.

Little problem.

I really like the game , the only problem is that I had too many people. I had 23 the all of a sudden, I had 145 and all the stuff was bought, built and I couldnt do anything because of people everywhere! Waiting for the bug fix!


Game worked great when I got it. Then game crashed 1/2 way through loading. Wont work anymore great game before crash

I love but...

On my tribe one second I have 24 people next second I have 86 people.fix. The glitch


Waited months for this game and it successfully works they fixed it


Love this app! My favorite virtual villagers yet.


An app everyone should have. I loved it. My family loved it. My friends loved it. Basically, EVERYONE loves tis app. Dont hesitate to get it! Its 2$ you wont regret! Rather then gum or chips that last you a day, get this app which grants you fun for years to come!

Short n Sweet

Virtual Villagers is a great series and I would highly recommend it! However, I did find #4 to be much shorter than the previous two in the series. I finished all puzzles with only 3 villagers reaching old previous versions, it would take generations to fully solve all puzzles. The puzzles were also easier to figure out - not sure if they were just simpler or if it seemed easier because of the experience through previous games. Having said all that, I still enjoyed it.

I Recemend It :)

Like most virtual villagers games this game did not fail to impress :) It is awesome


I love virtual villagers. Ive played them all :) fun and addicting... However, once I reached a certain point in this game it erases my game. I play and check in and havent yet been able to fully complete it when it erases it. So I start another tribe... and when they reach a certain point.... GONE. Erased. I was so frustrated by this and that it kept happening that I just deleted the game. Shocking, infuriating disappointment that it kept happening.


I am having a very hard time figuring out on how to finish the river puzzle. I clean up all the debris at the steam but nothin????

Plz help!

K, this is a pretty dumb question to ask, but how do you get food?! Lol! I put water in the pot but it says it needs to be boiled!! How do u heat the pot to cook the fruit stuff?? Plz someone tell me! Also, when one of my little villagers collected a mushroom, I watched him take it to the food bin, but my food didnt increase!! Please fix it! Other than that I loved it!! Buy buy buy!


good but not great glitches sometimes and freezes up your entire ipod. Not woth1.99 maybee .99 but i wouldnt recommed the game because of the glitch and virtual families is way better


I noticed alot of you guys had some problems with the puzzles. for answers u might wanna try looking up VV4 walkthrough on google then go to the gamezebo site thats wat helped me Also with the people that kept complaining about the stalling, try holding down the off button then quickly(still holding the top button) press the enter/ circle button and ur iPod will turn off do the same thing again to turn it back on itll take awhile to turn back on but dont worry that normally fixes it


How do you get bolts of cloth? Ive built the clothing hut but I cant figure it out

Great! But...

This app is great. It used to be my fave game, but I stopped playing it for some reason. Ive recently started playing again, and now I remember why I stopped: I cant get more people. Ive build both the love shack AND the hut, Ive cleared the debris AND installed the keystone. Im just stuck with five villagers. I mean, sure having babies with the villagers I already have will work, but still.

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